Intro GAPS Starter Kit

The persistent stuffy nose I had for many years has disappeared before I knew it. I wonder if it has something to do with these supplements? It looks like that’s the case. I look forward to going to the bathroom every morning. My gut condition has improved greatly.

– K.K Dancer, NYC


My son had suffered from atopic dermatitis and hay fever since childhood. We had managed to put these conditions under control with paying close attention to his diet. When he became a teenager, the symptoms started recurring. It was starting to be more difficult for him to accept advice from his parents and other factors such as the entrance exam seemed to have added to his stress. Around that time, he started taking the three basic supplements ( in Intro GAPS starter kit) with Makiko’s recommendation. In the past, he would often forget to take the supplements unless I reminded him. However, he now never forgets to take the supplements. He willingly takes them and even asked me to order more when he was almost out of them. About a month after he started taking the supplements, I noticed that he was less likely to get upset. It could be partially because the entrance exam period was ending; nonetheless, he stopped rebelling against me hysterically like he used to.  

– A mother, NYC


I haven't been feeling well physically and mentally for days, so I started taking some supplements upon Makiko's advice. Soon after I started taking them, I felt my gut condition starting to improve. At the same time, my emotions were starting to release. As these changes happen, I began to feel more grounded and full of energy.  Supplements are crucial for my busy schedule with frequent work trips. They might not take effect immediately like conventional medicine; however, I'm definitely noticing changes in my condition as I continue taking them.  

– 50s Female, NYC