My client asked me to create a GAPS diet menu for him as his private chef. His condition was so serious that I asked him to take private sessions with Makiko Oka, a holistic practitioner and a certified GAPS practitioner. Only under this condition I accepted his request to support him with my GAPS diet menu.

Week 1
First day. I made several kinds of simple soup for him. He was writing down the recipes since he also wanted to become able to cook himself. What I noticed was that he repeatedly asked the same questions such as “What vegetable should I put in the soup?” “Should I put turnip and
what else?” It seemed that he couldn’t sustain his concentration. He also didn’t look at me in my eyes. His eyes shifted frequently. Inside his house was neatly organized, but the air felt stagnant.

Week 2
I saw him after a week. He seemed to be able to maintain his focus a little better than a week ago.

Week 3
I was surprised that his concentration has clearly improved after two weeks of GAPS diet. He was able to look at me in my eyes when he talked. He also didn’t repeat the same questions as he did in the first week. He smiled much more often.

Week 4
It’s been a month since he started the GAPS diet protocol. He is now able to sustain casual conversation with me. He smiled much more often and even joked with his girlfriend. I was surprised to see that his attitude has clearly been changing. He also started cooking himself, trying to make the same dishes I made for him. The air that flew through his house felt lighter and brighter.

Week 5
My client started thinking positively about his health condition. For instance, he started telling me that he would like to help other people when he regains his health. He also mentioned his plan for a summer trip this year or next. He was also starting to think about what present he should get for his girlfriend as a surprise. He has become more caring about other people around him. For instance, he made me a delicious cup of coffee which was special. What was particularly surprising for me was that he was conceiving his own meal plan for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. On top of that, he organized the ingredients such as vegetables, preparing them and putting each day’s portion to in a Ziploc bags so that he doesn't have to be rushed in the morning when he wakes up. He was also making good amount of homemade yogurt, giving some to his girlfriend’s mother as a present. He seemed to be enjoying cooking itself.

Week 6
Sauerkraus making. I made two-week’s worth of sauerkraut, teaching the client how to make it at the same time. He seemed to be enjoying this new adventure.

Week 7
I went to check in with the sauerkraut I had prepared last week. My client showed me what he himself had prepared after last week’s lesson. I asked him how he was feeling. Despite his mentioning a list of the symptoms he still had, his complexion and his attitude themselves
showed a great improvement, which made me happy.

- R.S. New York